Aims and Tasks


Here are the aims of  Ege University Institute of Turkish World Studies:

To have a powerful institutional identity together with qualified scientists, library, conference and meeting rooms and other physical facilities,

To enhance institutional ties between Turkish World and the rest of the world using its powerful institutional structure,

To take the lead in worldwide Turcology researches by the scientific researches and analysis focusing on cultural, literary, art, history, politics, social and economic structures of Turkish Republics and the relative societies.


Here are the main tasks of Institute of Turkish World Studies:

  • To prepare publications (studies, researches and analysis) particularly on historical development of Turkish World and their linguistic, literal, artistic, cultural, political, social and economic structures and  products and to publish the main works of Turkish in Turkey Turkish,
  • To collect the qualifies publications on Turkish World and to establish  modern archive and  library,
  • To gain young scientist for Turkish World by opening post-gradual programs,
  • To exchange researches and publications with the scientific and academic institutions in Turkish Republics and the relative societies and the similar organizations all over the world, to organize joint conferences and joint projects and to cooperate with joint scientific publications,
  • To share our point of view to the public opinion of the rest of the world about the issues of Turkish World.