Vice Directors


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muvaffak DURANLI
Vice Director


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah TEMİZKAN
Vice Director

Associated Professor Dr. Muvaffak Duranlı was born in 1964, in Manisa, Turkey. He completed his secondary education in Manisa.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı graduated from the Department of Russian Language and Literature in the Faculty of Languages, History and Geograpy at Ankara University.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı worked as a Russian Specialist at Turkish Language Association (TDK) in between 1986-1995.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı began working as a Russian Specialist in the Institute of Turkish World Studies in 1995.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı earned his M.A.  Degree in 1999, and Ph.D. in 2004.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı became and appointed as an Associate Professor in 2014, and has been offering courses on the literatures of Turkish speaking countries in the Department of Turkish World Literatures in the Institute of Turkish World Studies at Ege University.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Duranlı has been conducting researches on the works of Russian Turcologist.  He has published number of books and articles related to his specialty, and also translated number of works from Russian into Turkish.


Associated Professor Dr. Abdullah Temizkan was born in 1969 in Sivas, Turkey. After completing his secondary education in Sivas, he became a Bachelor student in the Department of History at Gazi University. He earned his M.A. Degree in the Institute of Social Sciences at Gazi University, and his Ph.D. in the Department of Ottoman History (Modern) at Ankara University.

His main field of study is the history Caucasia. Besides his main field of study, he has been working and conducting researches on the relationship between Russia and Ottoman Empire, the relationship between Poland and Ottoman Empire, and the methods of legalizing the government.

While writing his Ph.D. dissertation he was granted by Turkish Government. In order to improve his Russian, he went to Russia and studied at Puşkin Institute in 2004.

Asc. Prof. Dr. Abdullah Temizkan worked as a visitor scholar in Warsaw University in order to conduct a project titled, “The Role of Polish Troops in the War between Caucasians and Russia” that was supported by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Since 2006, he has been teaching and conducting researches in the Department of Turkish History, Institute of Turkish World Studies at Ege University,

He is married, and has two daughters.