Language Courses

The Russian and Chinese Language Courses

Our institute organizes upon request Chinese and Russian language courses. These courses are arranged in three months periods, with 6 lessons per week. The Chinese and Russian language courses drew in recent years intense interest, as a result of growing relationships with Russia and China. The institute provides these economic, but qualified and professional courses for attenders with various learning reasons.

The courses start every year in October and continue in 3 period of 10 weeks each:
1.period (course):       October – December
2.period (course):       January – April
3.period (course):       April – June

The 4. period (course) can be opened also in August – September, in case of sufficient particifation. Opening of a new class throughout the academic year is possible only with sufficient number of new course attendee.

Curator of Chinese Language Course: Prof. Dr. Alimcan İnayet
Curator of Russian Language Course: Doç. Dr. Muvaffak Duranlı

For detailed information about language courses:
Phone: +90 232 3112096