Department of Turkish Folklore

The History of the Department and Its Mission

The Department of Turkish Folklore was founded with the mission to research folkloric oral, written and intangible cultural heritage, to collect, analyze and present works related to folklore. Our other mission focuses on postgraduate education of the students from Turkey, Turkic speaking countries and the students abroad.
The Department of Turkish Folklore researches and interprets oral and written folkloric materials, and also collects scientific works related to Turkey and Turkic speaking countries using scientific methods. The collected folkloric materials are analytically examined. The scientific projects of the department evaluate the cross-cultural folkloric elements. The number of scientific projects carried out by the Department that aimed to research the shared intangible cultural heritage in the Turkish World.
The Department of Turkish Folklore has been offering postgraduate programs (Masters and Ph.D.) since 1994-1995 within the Institute of Social Sciences at Ege University.

Ph.D. Studies


 Academic Staff

Prof. Metin EKİCİ Prof. Alimcan İNAYET Assoc. Prof. Mehmet TEMİZKAN  
Assist. Prof. Rabia UÇKUN Assist. Prof. Pınar FEDAKAR Research Asistant Gökçe EMEÇ