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Aims and Tasks

Aims of the Institute of Turkish World Studies are;
  • To gather qualified scientists and to have a large library, classrooms, conference halls, etc. for scientific research based on Turcology;
  • To develop relations between Turkic people and the World with his institutional potential;
  • To lead scientific research of linguistic, cultural, literal, historical, artistic, political, social, and economical structures of Turkic Republics and Turkic Peoples, and to develop Turcology.
Tasks of the Institute of Turkish World Studies are;
  • To publish archaic and modern Turkic literature in Turkish language;
  • To research on structures and developments of historical, linguistic, literature, artistic, cultural, political, social and economic topics of  Turkic World, and publish these research as scientific studies;
  • To gather qualified publishing on Turkic World, and to establish a modern archive and a library;
  • To join exchange programs and to co-operate with scientific institutions and academic foundations of Turkic World;
  • To make scientific projects, conferences, workshops, and publishing with scientists who is studying on Turkic World;
  • To spread our hypothesises for the problems of Turkic World.

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