Çerez Örnek
canlı destek

Department of Turkish Language and Dialects

Department of Turkish Language and Dialects was founded in 1992 with aims to research comparatively old and deep rooted Turkish language and its dialects, to teach this language, to educate adequate academic staff, to determine problems in Turkish linguistics and to offer applicable solutions.
Department of Turkish Language and Dialects provides the graduate studies focused on research in ancient and current written Turkish languages and dialects and on theirs analysis and interpretation. Besides this, the department carries out scientific projects in comparative linguistic. The graduate studies was opened within the Institute of Social Sciences in 1998. 10 students graduated in master studies, 6 students continue in master education. 20 students graduated in Ph.D. program and 17 students continue in Ph.D.  program.
The greatest aim of the department is to enable formation of the common language used in all Turkish world, to plan joint projects.
Academic Staff

Head of Dpt. Prof. Zeki KAYMAZ

Prof. Gürer GÜLSEVİN

Assoc. Prof. İbrahim ŞAHİN


Res. Asst. Şengül AYGÜMÜŞ





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